kbb consulting
  • Comprehensive Transition checklist

  • Competitive set positioning

  • Revenue Management structure

  • Maximizing Front Desk responsibilities

  • Partnering with Group Sales/Business Travel Sales

  • Training Reservation Sales Team

  • Growing OTA partnerships

Revenue Management

- creative solutions, strategies, and tactics for revenue growth

Revenue Management

  • Comprehensive (or specific) audit of existing processes with Detailed Diagnostic for next steps

  • Weekly strategy meeting format

  • Forecasting

  • Distribution

  • Group Evaluation

  • New hires

  • Sales, Operations, Accounting

  • Executive team

Revenue Management for Transition Properties

Revenue Management

Revenue Management

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  • Budgeting

  • Annual Sales and Marketing planning

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Periodic/regular evaluation

Revenue Management Relationships

kbb consulting

provides superior revenue management expertise in the hospitality industry.  

​With extensive experience in a wide variety of markets, properties, and projects, we will work with you to identify the unique revenue potential of your hotel or resort and provide specific tactics and strategies for implementation leading to enhanced revenue performance!